Monday, September 14, 2009

Spots of thoughts

A lot of hours spent in trains. Due to a lot of train switches no sleep either. Free to think. Somehow a lot of happened within those 10 days. I met new people, shared experiences.

It is funny feeling when you haven't slept for 36h and can't fall asleep.
I left things and feelings behind me. Walked away. Someone have said - do not close a door, when your heart want to open it.

Live easy and do not mess with your mind. This is not my way of living. I do live in My easy way and I do always mess with mind and feeling, just like that I can have that all felt. I love to mess.. To change, to be in roller coaster of emotions, to be unpredictable. Just to love.

I love colours and feelings. I do not need a lot. He told me yesterday that we are free and always have been, there just was time of us being free together. Hurts a bit. Until the moment I realized he is right. And time of being free together comes to end as one of us goes away.

I like to travel alone. To go, to move, to see .. To be independent .. it is sad and happy feeling at the same time. And I do not know which part I like more. Probably that excitement one, just to go, see and feel ..

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