Sunday, September 27, 2009

Days like this!

Woke up by feeling sunshine up to my eyes. SO morning had came. I fell asleep yesterday by reading a book, just naive and too sweet love story - it somehow keeps thoughts away. Reading and living other life, like a slow motion movie.

Today is that day when I walk all over house and try to find out what to do. I feel free and somehow too free. I clean up mess I made within week, wash clothes, make flip movie and do not really understand what to do next. And then I start to think. This is not the best option what to do.

So this is why I started to write. This roller coaster of emotions make me going crazy. I love it and when I got to this dumb empty feeling I hate it.

Maybe one of reasons why empty feeling is finally weekend in place I live and no airports, train stations, new people and live around me.

But today is great, sun outside and warm for end of September. Going to read a book in the park and extra large caffe latte!

P.S. Maybe I am mad as realized that yesterday forgot to buy coffee so no for breaktfast ..

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