Sunday, September 27, 2009

Days like this!

Woke up by feeling sunshine up to my eyes. SO morning had came. I fell asleep yesterday by reading a book, just naive and too sweet love story - it somehow keeps thoughts away. Reading and living other life, like a slow motion movie.

Today is that day when I walk all over house and try to find out what to do. I feel free and somehow too free. I clean up mess I made within week, wash clothes, make flip movie and do not really understand what to do next. And then I start to think. This is not the best option what to do.

So this is why I started to write. This roller coaster of emotions make me going crazy. I love it and when I got to this dumb empty feeling I hate it.

Maybe one of reasons why empty feeling is finally weekend in place I live and no airports, train stations, new people and live around me.

But today is great, sun outside and warm for end of September. Going to read a book in the park and extra large caffe latte!

P.S. Maybe I am mad as realized that yesterday forgot to buy coffee so no for breaktfast ..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The police are on the way to arrest you for stealing my heart, hijacking my feelings, and driving me crazy. See you in court!

Answer: I would like to be close to you...and i would like not to go to US or China, but just somewhere in Europe...but i can't find anything here now... i am going crazy about this all...but mostly about you..

Follow: And I know you are real, thats why you are going to US or China .. There is no place for me, if you cant find something for you.. Living in a happy way first for yourself .. Someone says thats life, baby .. And I am going crazy about it ..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Spots of thoughts

A lot of hours spent in trains. Due to a lot of train switches no sleep either. Free to think. Somehow a lot of happened within those 10 days. I met new people, shared experiences.

It is funny feeling when you haven't slept for 36h and can't fall asleep.
I left things and feelings behind me. Walked away. Someone have said - do not close a door, when your heart want to open it.

Live easy and do not mess with your mind. This is not my way of living. I do live in My easy way and I do always mess with mind and feeling, just like that I can have that all felt. I love to mess.. To change, to be in roller coaster of emotions, to be unpredictable. Just to love.

I love colours and feelings. I do not need a lot. He told me yesterday that we are free and always have been, there just was time of us being free together. Hurts a bit. Until the moment I realized he is right. And time of being free together comes to end as one of us goes away.

I like to travel alone. To go, to move, to see .. To be independent .. it is sad and happy feeling at the same time. And I do not know which part I like more. Probably that excitement one, just to go, see and feel ..